All the cards are tradeables items and represent:


Can people find a treasure without a map? You will need it to build your world.


Are charaters that you select to enter the worlds


Items that can be equiped to heroes


their mission is try to stop you! be carefull of them


When you are looking a treasure, the traps are always there to keep it safe

Final Boss:

After you defeat all enemies and traps, still have one you need to beat! the more powerfull protector of your enemy treasures!

Legendary Cultures Economy


Every item in the game is tradeable, also, we are limitating the supply of certain items, so you will be able to trade after the market open. Once our marketplace open we won't sell any new item that could compite with your initial invest.


Create worlds and charge a fee per entry, select an atractive reward and configure your map with your items. Level up by conquesting other people worlds. If a person is not able to clear your map, the entry fees is yours!


Clear other people's worlds and take the rewards!. Every time you clear other people world you will obtain the rewards and treasure of them. Also is a good way you level up your maps!


is open now

Special offers if you invest in

Bronze Package

2.5 ETH

  • Ancient Greek Earth Map
  • 1 Hero
  • 1 Final Boss
  • 10 Artifacts
  • 10 Enemy
  • 10 Traps
Purchase KOI

Silver Package


  • 5 Maps from Diferents Cultures and elements
  • 3 Legendary Items
  • 3 Heroes
  • 3 Final Bosses
  • Invocation item
  • Mixup item
  • 15 Artifacts
  • 20 Enemy
  • 30 Traps
Purchase KOI

Gold Package

20 ETH

  • 24 Maps from Diferents Cultures and elements
  • 6 Legendary Items
  • 6 Heroes
  • 8 Final Bosses
  • Chronos Artifact
  • Invocation item
  • 30 Artifacts
  • 200 Enemy
  • 100 Traps
Purchase KOI

Box will be delivered within a week